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Founded in October 2001, Aleo Solar AG has very quickly become one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe. The success story of this company, and its marketing subsidiary aleo solar Deutschland GmbH, is reflected in the constant expansion of production capacities.

With the construction of a second facility, which was built beside the already existing production halls, aleo solar increases its capacity to 90MW. Thus, the company which had already in 2004 increased its production to 35MW, continues its course of expansion, and is well positioned for the rapidly growing photovoltaic market.

With the expansion of production capacities, the number of employees has also continued to increase. At the end of 2003, the company already had 107 staff; one year later there were 179. By the end of 2006, the number of employees at Aleo Solar AG and its marketing subsidiaries had increased to approx. 320.

In Spain, in September 2005, Aleo Solar Espana SL and the marketing subsidiary Aleo Solar Espana distribucion were founded. From the end of 2006 in Santa Mari­a de Palautordera (70km north of Barcelona), Aleo Solar modules “hecho en Espana” should be emerging from the facility. The capacity of the Spanish factory is 10 MW, so that Aleo Solar’s total capacity is now 100 MW.

In the beginning of 2006, Aleo Solar AG acquired a 19% stake in the thin-film company Johanna Solar Technology (JST), thereby stepping up to the next generation of module production.