For centuries, people have been generating their own energy from organic matter such as wood. Whilst open fires may no longer be everyday household fixtures, today’s wood burning boilers and stoves can offer a practical and efficient way to heat your home. As well as saving you up to £350 a year on heating bills, biomass is far kinder to the environment than fossil fuels for example gas, oil or coal.

The energy produced by organic matter is also known as bio energy and the fuels themselves as biomass. Unlike fossil fuels, which have taken millions of years to form, biomass fuel is made of far more recent materials such as plants and untreated wood or wood waste. This means that supplies can be replenished quickly and easily, and in many cases using biomass will reduce the amount of wood waste going to landfill.

Lets Go Green Deal supply Biomass boilers by Baxi and Vokera for Domestic and Commercial Installations.