Biomass Room Heaters

What are Biomass Room Heaters?

Biomass Room Heaters are usually designed to burn wood logs or pellet fuels, in order to increase space heating by means of radiation and convection. Couple of them could also produce hot water.

Most room heaters will have a glass door to the front. The whole room will be heated via radiation and through convection around the body of the heater in the room they are placed. Some models will be able to supply hot water to radiators or domestic hot water cylinders. Most room heaters nowadays use automatic stokers with pellet fuel.

What you need to watch out for, when considering installing a Biomass Room Heater:

  • Are there sufficient and suitable biomass fuel available in your area?
  • Is there an easy access or any space for deliveries of biomass fuel?
  • Is there sufficient space to install all necessary equipment?

Potential Annual Savings

Based on an ETL listed 20kW room heater, which runs an average load of 85% for 1000h/year on biomass priced at 2.9p/kWh; your potential annual savings would be according to Carbon Trust:

  • £95
  • 3,300kWh
  • 0.13 tonnes of CO2