Central Heating Systems

central-heating-systemsHere at Lets Go Green Deal not only can we reduce your hot water bills we can help reduce the cost of heating your home as well.

Our central heating systems work in exactly the same way as our hot water in that they are:

Virtually maintenance free

Zero carbon technology

Inhabits your roof not your rooms

Cold glycol is pumped through the evacuated tubes

Glycol is heated up and pumped into the heat coils in the hot water tank
Water in the tank is heated up. When its daylight conventional or combination boiler dose not fire up unless there is insufficient heat in the hot water tank to provide heat for the central heating system or washing and bathing requirements.

This is all controlled by the system controller

Triple coil tanks are available at an extra cost and are recommended for larger projects.

Lets Go Green Deal offer complete systems which can be used with your current boiler, a brand new one or any of our Renewable Energy Systems.