Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Flue gas heat recovery is mostly used to make boilers much more efficient and useful. This way heating costs can be cut to the fullest throughout the year, because the usual heating systems tend to allow most of the steam to escape anyways.

Hence, Flue gas heat recovery systems will be a great addition for any boiler as it prevents a loss of the heat. All boilers are powered by oil or natural gas, which produce fumes when they are burned. These fumes effectively must be vented, in order to escape.  However, most importantly not only fumes, but actual heat will escape up the chimney. It is a vital problem as you pay for every single bit of gas and end up losing a precious amount of it throughout the chimney.

Vent Dampers

Flue vent dampers is the most efficient method of keeping the heat in house. This mechanical device ensures that the flue in the boiler only opens when it needs to be, which automatically controls the flow of the heat and vapour as it leaves the boiler. Flue dampers can be fitted on all types of different boilers.