Free Boilers!

Do you qualify for a free boiler?!

The new government-pushed Eco scheme is rolling out. It forces big energy companies to ensure they’re trying to make homes – especially for those on low incomes or getting income-related benefits or pension credit – more efficient.

Lets Go Green Deal – are now giving out free boilers, typically worth £2,300! This boosting of your home’s efficiency can save you hundreds of pounds a year on your gas and electricity bills and make your home a more pleasant place to live.

To qualify for the boilers you’ll usually need a gas boiler that’s either inefficient, broken or old. To see if you qualify, we will inspect your boiler as part of our Green Deal Assessment. If you qualify, installations can take between four to 12 weeks from when you first call up. There’s no specific time it takes to install a boiler, but it’s likely to be a few days.

Standard installations are usually free, although there may be a cost if extra work needs doing, if the installation requires extras such as additional radiators, or the boiler needs moving to another location, etc. You will, however, be told this before you sign.

To possibly get a free boiler, take our free Green Deal assessment here

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  1. jb

    Have any grants been given yet?

    • admin

      Hi Jb

      I’m Mike from the Lets Go team! Grants are being given yes! If you would like to give our team a call on 0800 025 7223 we can go through any questions you may have!



  2. John C

    Why do we have to pay £299 pounds on the day the accessor comes then we get it back on the day boiler gets fitted ?

  3. admin

    Hi John

    It’s not £299 its £190.80 and is paid before the assessor comes round to do the site visit.

    This is to cover his or her costs of doing the assessment and lodging of the reports and any other expenses such as fuel etc.

    If you would like to get in contact with we can discuss it further?


    Lets Go Green Deal Team


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