Further Investment

What Further Investments can you make to increase sales and performance.

We can advertise on buses in your area zone.

Price.. This all depends on which bus companies are used and how many buses but a average cost from £1500 for 10 buses for 8 weeks.

We can advertise on Billboards in your zone.

Price…This all depends on your zone and how many boards .

Price £10,000 average cost for 20 Billboards

We can advertise on local radio in your zone.

Price… this all depends on the radio station in required zone.

Price £3,000 to £12,000 per month. Several factors of radio advertising involve length of advert times aired sponsoring events such as the news and weather completions etc.

We take care of all productions of adverts to ensure they meet the Advertising standard authority criteria and that they will appeal to customers.

We can advertise on local television channels.

Price… This all depends on the channels you wish to appear on and the time it goes to air and the length of advert.

Prices Basic packages start at £5000 per month with a cross network of channels. There is also the option to sponsor programmes the news and weather etc.

We can increase you web presence in the sponsored links and pay per click campaigns.

We can Increase mail drops in your zone.

Price £2000 per 10,000 printed and delivered by royal mail.

We can increase the size of local press advertising

Price this all depends on the publication size and when it goes to print.

We can increase the number of dedicated telesales staff you have generating appointments.

Price £1000 per person per month.


What ever your budget we have the solution your franchise liaison consultant will discuss with you the best options and where to administer your budget.

They will negotiate on your behalf with all mediums and get you the best deals. As it is in our interest to get you sales.

Production Costs

We take care of all production and this is included in pricing we use the same advertising campaign Nationally we just change the contact details to fit each particular zone.