Grant Solar Thermal




Solar Thermal is a clean and highly efficient means of using renewable energy from the sun to provide the hot water used in the home. The basic principle is easy to understand. If you unroll a garden hose on the ground and leave it exposed to the radiant heat of the sun, in a short time the water in the hose will become warm. Solar thermal collectors work in very much the same way, only more efficiently. Usually, but not exclusively, roof mounted solar collectors will be connected to one of the coils of a twin-coil cylinder using a sealed circuit containing a special glycol/water solution. This fluid not only withstands the high temperatures in excess of 200ºC on a summer day but also will not freeze in temperatures down to 25ºC. The pump in the system circulates the heated fluid from the panel to the cylinder where the heat is transferred to the stored water through the lower coil.


Solar thermal technology is the most reliable, efficient and accessible form of renewable energy available today and when combined with Grant’s high-efficiency Vortex Condensing Boiler, annual fuel bills can be dramatically reduced. As solar water heating depends on radiation, not direct sunlight, it even works on dull days. Installing Grant Solar collectors can help reduce heating bills by providing up to 70% of a household’s domestic hot water requirements per annum. Solar thermal is also great for the environment, as it has no emissions and is assured for the next 4 billion years.

grant-solar-thermal-picWHY CHOOSE GRANT SOLAR?

Installing a Grant Solar Thermal system has many advantages for the homeowner. Apart from reducing the amount of fossil fuels used, and the resultant savings in annual fuel bills, the reduction in harmful emissions will help reduce the long-term effects on the Earths climate. For the installer, the Grant system has some unique installation features. The Solar pump station incorporates an air eliminator system that allows the system to be both filled and purged of air in a single operation. Unlike other arrangements there is no need to install an air vent outside on the roof and also no need for regular maintenance. The Grant Solar collectors are the ‘Flat Plate’ type using 4mm thick ‘low Iron’ glass and a copper collector panel which has a special selective coating. This construction maximises solar absorption whilst minimising reflection by up to 95%. Grant Solar collectors can be installed on sloping roofs using either an on-roof or in-roof mounting system and also on flat roofs if required. For ease the Grant Solar Thermal System can be ordered as a complete kit comprising of the collectors, roof-mounting system, pump station, expansion vessel, solar controller, pipe connections and solar fluid. Grant Solar systems integrate easily with conventional water heating systems and will typically only take a couple of days to install.


Pack includes:

Flat panel collector x2
A roof-mounting system
Expansion vessel
Pump station
Control panel
Pipe connections
Solar fluid
200litre un-vented twin-coil
On-roof come in a choice of Aluminium or Bronze surround
Solar Range
Cylinder & Storage