Hot Water Efficient Showers and Taps

There are many ways on wasting less water in your home, which implies using water-efficient products, such as showers and taps. These devices will definitely help you reduce your water usage and fall under the Green Deal ‘Golden Rule‘.

Hot Water Efficient Showers

  • Hot water-efficient showerheads
    The latest water-efficient showerheads can produce water flows which feel far higher than they actually are, Hence, it is an easy way of saving both water and energy. They will be most effective on power and mixer showers with a high flow rate.

Hot Water Efficient Taps

  • Lower flow taps
    Lower flow taps have a low flow rate and are mainly fitted to bathroom or kitchen sinks.  However, aerated and regulated flow taps are much more suitable for bathroom sinks.
  • Flow tap aerators and regulators
    Instead of replacing whole taps and shower units, you can still reduce your water usage by using flow regulators on showers and aerators to taps. They mostly contain precision-made holes/ flow aerators to regulate the flow of water without changing how it feels to the user.

One more water saving device covered by the Green Deal is the Waste Water Heat Recovery Devices attached to showers, which can offer you a fair amount of annual savings as well.