Hot Water Systems

Water Heating will help low income and vulnerable households, in order to reduce their costs of heating their home. Don’t forget, that the Innovative Hot Water systems, as well as the Hot Water efficient Showers and Taps, will abide by the Green Deal’s Golden Rule.

Currently, there are several types of hot water generators, which will be eligible for the Green Deal. However, these hot water systems are not linked to biomass boilers, which are different.

Types of Hot Water Systems

  • Hot Water Boilers

High efficiency hot water boilers over 400 kW will ensure you a potential annual saving from £28,800 if you replace it with your current boiler; or you install a boiler up to 400 kW, which will offer you a fuel savings of around 3%. All this data is from the Carbon Trust guide on Hot Water Boiling Equipments.

  • Gas-fired condensing water heaters

Water Heaters separates the provision of hot water and space heating. This effectively avoids energy wastage from repeatedly turning boilers on and off. According to ETL (Electronic Technology List), condensing gas-fired water heater use 9%-16% less fuel than non-ETL products on the market. Moreover, your annual savings can be up to £1,013 and 33,750 kWh, based on an ETL 150kW storage water heater.