Keston Pro Boiler



The Keston Qudos 28 offers today’s domestic market the ultimate in tomorrow’s technology.

A range of fully modulating gas condensing boilers with advanced yet simple integral controls that provide a suite of options for the user/installer to select to ensure optimum performance is delivered at all times.

For ultimate performance optimising, the Qudos 28s also features an integral speed-controlled pump to ensure water flow rate and burner rate are perfectly matched.

The Qudos 28 units feature an integral control system for ‘auxiliary energy’ such as solar thermal, thereby providing a ‘future proof’ solution.

This ensures seamless integration of the renewable energy source with the high efficiency boiler operation to maximise the energy efficiency benefits available.
The wall mounted Keston Qudos 28 boilers are available in system (Qudos 28s) or open vented (Qudos 28h) formats.

The Qudos 28s has dimensions of H700 x W435 x D280 and weighs 43kg. The Qudos 28h has dimensions of only H680 x W390 x D280 and weighs just 35kg. Both models can be sited virtually anywhere even in a standard kitchen cupboard if required, with no compartment ventilation.

Keston-boilersKeeping in line with Keston’s unswerving commitment to cost efficiency, innovation and simplifying installation, the company have pioneered the ultimate domestic heating system. The Keston Qudos Duet incorporates technology normally associated only with the most advanced commercial boiler systems into a domestic system with full functionality, which optimises capability and provides the ultimate in control and simplicity.
The Keston Qudos Duet offers a harmonised blend of the Qudos 28s and the Keston Spa un-vented water storage cylinder with full ‘future ready’ control options fitted as standard, including a revolutionary facility for hot water modulating control and legionella protection.

The Keston Qudos Duet is available in one compact ready-to-install unit, all contained in a pre-assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired floor-standing rig. The integrated Qudos 28s is fully modulating from 7kW to 28.4kW output.

The un-vented Spa water storage cylinder in this rig is available in 120l, 150l and 210l volumes and larger sizes are available on request. No anode is required and the cylinder offers rapid heat recovery with dramatic savings through reduced boiler cycling.