Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery


As businesses and homes become more and more insulated they begin to create issues regarding air quality and condensation. This is where Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery come into play. By circulating air from the outside and recovering heat from the inside it is possible to keep a high standard of ventilation and air quality throughout a building.

What this means in the real world is a system of ducting that link all the rooms of a building together and is able to pass cool air from the outside to where it is needed. The same system can take warm air from a bathroom or kitchen and pass that to a cooler part of the building. By using a heat exchange the system can use the heat difference to pass cool air into warmer air or warm air into cooler air.

By improving air quality it is possible to cut the number of ‘sick buildings’ in the country. Airborne fungi and other nasty things can cause real problems to peoples health and well being. These systems are highly efficient at what they do and are included in the up coming Green Deal.