Nibe ATW


Installation of a NIBE air/water heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional heating systems.

Areas of Use

You should choose a NIBE air/water heat pump if is not possible to drill in a ground probe or install a surface absorber on the property. This converts the energy of the outside air into heat and creates a comfortable temperature inside the house.

Although none of the air/water heat pumps that are available on the market can cover the heating requirements all year round, this type of heat pump does offer economic benefits. In bivalent operation it covers the majority of the heating requirements in a very economical manner, therefore the existing heating system only needs to cover the peak periods. In mono-energetic operation, i.e. an air/water heat pump in combination with an immersion heater, the heat pump should cover heating by itself and the immersion heater is only activated during extreme peak periods.

nibe-air-to-water-heat-pumpsNibe Air/Water Heat Pumps

6Kw £13495

8Kw £13995