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Product Description

We charge £159 + VAT for a assessment and this gives you the freedom to take your assessment to any company you wish to do so our agents are not sales people and not commission hungry however if you wish to discuss options and measures our assessors are fully trained on all products and measures offered by the Green Deal and if you take out a measure with us we will give you your fee back plus you will get cash back.

So its win win win no high pressure selling from agents on target driven conversion commission. Reasons for taking green deal.

Make your home thermally efficient
Reduce fuel poverty
Carbon reduction scheme
Council tax banding (the more carbon your house omits the higher the council tax you will pay just like the car tax band scheme)
Reduce co2
Better insulated homes that stay warmer for longer and reduce the need to continuously heat your home.
Long term sustainability for the future
Modernise your property
First time buyers can get a 95% mortgage on a home that has had green deal measures on it.
Property more desirable to potential buyers cheap to heat all modernised and looks cool.
Property modernised
Save on your fuel and utility bills.
Your appliances can last longer using water efficiently
Payments stay with the property not you
You will be asked why you never took advantage later when you moan about high council tax fees
Reduce the need to build nuclear power stations with lots of micro power stations
So the country is not reliant on importing coal and gas from Russia and else where to combat the price monopoly of big giant companies.
No need to burn as  much fossil fuel and save the environment
Slow global warming
Protect the environment for the next generation of children and animals.
Its the future its happening its not just a fad its here to stay
Build the economy back up and get people working again
Building regulation state that all new build properties have to have all these measures now so don’t age your property keep it up today modern and cost effective.