Roof Insulation

The Green Deal will cover different types of roof insulation. As each property that applies for the Green Deal is going to be independently checked and looked at, appropriate roof insulation will be advised on a case by case basis.

The good news is that roof insulation has come a long way in the past few years and there are many options for all manner of roofs. There are distinct differences in the way that rooves can be insulated such as:

  • Room in Roof Insulation, relates to insulating at roof level for pitched roofs, fitting insulation between the joists and maximising the space below for storage or living space.
  • Warm Roof Insulation, this term is like ‘room in roof insulation’ as it means insulating at the roof level, flat or pitched roofs can be insulated so there is no gap between the outside roof material and the insulation. This helps minimise the condensation problems between the roof and the inside space.
  • Green Roofs. This relates to laying actual plants and soil on a roof to act as insulation. This is one of the greenest ways to insulate a flat roof and it is also a major way to stop flash flooding in cities, but sadly this type of roofing isn’t included in the governments Green Deal.
Roofing is one of the key areas where Green Deal Advisers will be looking to make savings on your energy bills. The ROI on most roof insulation is very good and as such will make most measures high priority on the Green Deal.