Sanitary Solutions

Sanitary-soultionsWithin the bathroom and toilet areas of a property, there are a number of ways to reduce water consumption. The easiest way to reduce the amount of water used is to look at the sanitary ware and brass-ware used within these two areas.Many manufacturers now offer water saving products such as dual flush cisterns, low volume baths and short projection basins to help make reductions. The details below give examples of where savings can be made:

WC’s - 6/4 litre dual flush WC can save 30% of water compared to old 9 litre or 13 litre type cisterns. 4/2.6 litres can make even further savings.

Eco-play Water Management Systems re-use bath and shower water to flush WC, further reducing water consumptions by 30%.

Bathing – We offer a range of low volume baths that can reduce capacity from 210 litres down to as low as 140 litres.

Showering – Shower flow restrictors can save between 40 and 60 litres on a typical seven minute shower.
New technology developed for shower heads creates aerating action on showers saving up to 75%, whilst maintaining a pleasurable showering experience.

Taps & Mixers – Click cartridge taps can cut water usage by 50%, the tap offers a subtle resistance as it reaches approximately half of it’s full flow capability. For increased flow, this feature can be overridden.

We offer a wide range of flow restrictors for use in bathroom taps and mixers, which enable the home owner to reduce water consumption and running costs.

As can be seen in addition to water saving sanitary ware, there are many other brass-ware and showering solutions available too. Taps and showers can also be water saving and can also reduce the amount of water used in a property. By using flow limiting features on taps and showers, huge savings can be made.