Solar PV

Solar photovoltaics are solar panels that convert sunlight into direct current electricity. The technology has moved forward in recent years and shows no sign of diminishing, the increase in production of these systems has seen a direct fall in costs for installation and manufacture. Advancements have also been made in the technology that the panels use so remember, not all panels are the same.

Domestic systems are usually mounted on south facing roof tops, pitching the panels towards the sun helps with the efficiency so even flat roof properties can take advantage of the savings that can be achieved.

Initial costs are higher than Thermal solar water heating but savings can be significant, usually 40% of all electricity needs can be met by an average system. The high installation cost can be offset by the savings and so will be adhering to the ‘Golden Rule’, of the Green Deal.

The Installation costs have come down in recent years but as the Feed In Tariff has fallen too the interest in installations has fallen too. Some factors to consider before you invest in solar pv:

Which way does your roof point? Due south without any over shodowing trees or houses is ideal.
What angle is your roof pitched at? Somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees is ideal.
How big is your roof? This is a massive factor in what kind of array you can fit on your roof.
How long are you planning in staying at your current house? As the payback is usually oveer a number of years (5-10 is typical)