Solon Solar PV



Quality, Efficiency And Beauty

As one of the biggest producers of photovoltaic modules in Europe, we offer you innovative products and technologies that set standards in the industry for quality and efficiency. We make all of the technical components for installation of a solar energy system available to you, from individual modules to inverters that transform the sun’s rays into alternating current.


Essential Components: Expertise And Experience

The monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules from SOLON feature extremely high efficiencies of up to 14.8 % and a power range of 130 to 280 kWp.

Superior quality

Solon solar modules are known throughout the industry for their high quality and efficiency. We¬†achieve Solon’s established level of quality by using premium module components, including highly efficient monocrystalline and polycrystalline cell technologies, an optimized and stable frame system, highly transparent solar glass, and innovative connection technology.

High output

Solon modules achieve the highest possible output on a small surface area, even under diffuse light. They are based on cutting-edge cell technology, which makes them highly efficient. We guarantee that Solon modules will produce at least 80% of their declared minimum output power during their first 25 years of service. Our modules have a power tolerance of +/- 3%.

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