Swimming Pool Heating


About Swimming Pool Heating

If you have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, whether at your home or workplace, it is no doubt costing you a significant amount to heat and in the process using a great deal of power.

Solar swimming pool heating could, however Lets Go Green Deal offer you a solution which, once installed, will provide you with free water heating without using power derived from fossil fuels.

Solar swimming pool heating need not be an expensive option in the first instance and will start saving you money as soon as it is fitted.

Why Should I Have Renewable Energy For My Swimming Pool

  • For many years swimming pools have been seen as a put off for potential buyers once the property comes on to the market as it narrows the potential customer base down considerably.
  • This is due to one of several factors such as the cost to heat the pool and also clean it.
  • With the average cost of heat a pool starting at around £2000 per annum.
  • Now with a one off fee and systems coming with up to yen year guarantee systems can be heated and treated all year round from as little as £2000.
  • We have many ways of heating swimming pools such as air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps and solar power solutions.
  • They benefit of having a swimming pool heating system is that the pay back period reduces significantly and in many circumstances could be as little as 2 years.
  • Once a technology has been installed it is then cheap to link or add to the system to heat water for the home or office or where ever the pool may be, for under floor heating central heating and washing and bathing.
  • For many years technology has been expensive however as technology has caught up we here at Lets Go Green Deal have the latest and most reliable products on today’s market.
  • So you can enjoy the pleasures and comfort a pool brings to the home without the cost of heating it.
  • You will make you home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Reduce your co2 emissions.
  • We only use Sedbuk A rated systems. Which can only improve your Hips score or meet the code for architects’ if it is a new build project still at the planning stage.