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Solar Roof Tiles operate on the same principle as Solar PV Panels. The advantage of Solar Roof Tiles is that they are manufactured to the same modular size as large format roof tiles. They can be integrated into a new roof at the time of construction or into an existing roof when the roof covering is being replaced.

Solar Roof Tiles convert photons of light into electrical energy using a semi-conductor material. When daylight shines onto a solar cell, electrons are released producing an electrical current. The volume of solar electricity produced depends on the intensity of the light received by the solar cell.

Benefits Of Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles require only daylight, not sunlight, and are therefore capable of generating electricity on a cloudy day. Solar Roof Tiles are unobtrusive and there is no heat, noise or radiation produced. They can be installed on the roof of most homes and can be easily connected to the building’s electricity supply.

Each Solar Roof Tile is a two piece solar photovoltaic assembly with a solar module and a glass laminate cover. Each module is supplied with electrical connectors which link it to adjacent modules.

solar-tiles2Installation of solar roof tiles

The installation must be carried out by a competent installer using standard roofing components. The roof installation process is similar to that of normal roof tiles but the Solar Roof Tiles must always be bordered by normal roofing tiles.

As each base unit is fixed the electric cables are fitted into the weatherproof connectors. When the complete array of bases has been secured and the cable connections made then the laminate tops are fitted to each base.