Underfloor Heating

The Green Deal will cover Under Floor heating.

Under floor heating can be more efficient than traditional radiators in some cases, usually when the building is already highly insulated. The heat from under floor heating is emitted from the floor evenly and so lower temperatures are needed for less time to heat a room.

There are pros and cons to under floor heating.


  • If fitted to a highly insulated building and combined with micro power generation it can be highly efficient.
  • It can heat up cold tiled or stone floors, making it nice to walk on in bare feet.
  • It frees up floor space as no radiators are needed.


  • It can be expensive depending on the size of the room and how insulated the room is.
  • It can be disruptive if retro-fitted.
  • You can use it under wooden floors although it isn’t very efficient so should be avoided. Laminate floors are fine as they are much thinner than solid wood floors.

There are two main types of under floor heating, wet and dry types. Wet types use water and dry types use electricity to heat the floor.