Veissman Bio Boiler



Biomass Boilers

Using wood as a fuel is CO2 neutral because this natural fuel only produces as much carbon dioxide as was absorbed during the growing process. As a result, biomass is becoming more and more popular as an environmentally friendly heating solution.

The Viessmann Group of companies now has one of the largest product ranges in the field of Biomass, with outputs from 4kW to 15,000kW, and covering nearly all types of fuel. A product is available for all applications, from small houses through light commercial to large district heating schemes.

viessmann-biomass-boilerVitoligno 300-P

4 to 48 kW

The Vitoligno 300-P pellet boiler from Viessmann sets new standards regarding convenience, efficiency and safety of heating with pellets. Plenty of experience and the know-how of one of the largest manufacturers of heating technology in the world has benefited the in-house development and manufacture of the Vitoligno 300-P from

The Vitoligno 300-P sells itself through exceptional efficiency and high operational reliability. With its output spectrum from 4 to 48kW, Viessmann offers a tailor-made solution for ant heat demand.



90 to 480 kW

The PYROT represents a new dimension in combustion technology. Continuous gasification is carried out on the moving grate with minimal primary air.

The combustible gases mix with secondary air in a turbulent process that guarantees a perfect mixture of secondary air with the combustible gases, bringing about a new era in the combustion of wood fuels. With this system of combustion a burner efficiency of more than 90% is achievable. Unlike gas or oil, wood is CO2 neutral and renewable.



390 to 1250 kW

The Pyrotec boiler uses a burner trough with an attached external grate and a moving annealing grate to achieve optimal combustion results. A feed auger moves the wood fuel into the burner trough where the fuel is pre-dried and gasified under precisely controlled primary air (underfeed combustion).

On the external and the moving annealing grate the fuel completely gasifies (syngas). Precisely controlled secondary air is injected to fully combust the syngas and thermal energy is released into the boiler’s triple-pass heat exchanger.