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Air Source Heat Pumps

The use of renewable energy sources is gaining increasingly in importance and the Vitocal heat pump utilizes renewable energy sources in the environment, saving resources not available in unlimited quantities.

The solar heat which is stored in the ground, in the groundwater and in the air is converted into a comfortable form of heating with the aid of minimal quantities of electrical energy.

Vitocal heat pumps are available from 4kW up to 108kW with coefficient of performance up to 5.9 (type WW).

viessmann-air-to-water-heat-pumpsVictocal 300-A

Air/Water Heat Pump
3 to 9 kW, maximum flow temperature: 60°C

The new Vitocal 300-A is the first air/water heat pump with Digital Scroll Technology and electronic bi-flow expansion valve. This enables high annual performance factors up to 3.7 (to EN 14511) to be achieved, resulting in a significant reduction in operating costs.

Operating noise is low, ensured by radial fans with speed regulation and a reduced fan speed for night operation.




Victocal 350-A

Air/Water Heat Pump
Heating output: 10.6 to 18.5 kW
Flow temperatures up to 65°C

With the Vitocal 350-A air/water heat pump modernising is made easy. The additional vapour injection in the compression process (EVI cycle) enables flow temperatures of up to 65°C.

That makes it an ideal choice where older heating systems with radiators are installed. The heat pump draws its energy from the ambient air without the need for drilling boreholes for geothermal probes.