Viessman Solar Thermal


viessmann-solar-thermal-headerFlat Panel Collector

High quality materials include copper, stainless steel and hi-grade borosilicate glass. The housing comprises an all-round folded aluminium frame, with no mitre cuts or sharp edges. The seamless weather and UV-resistant pane seal and puncture-proof sheet aluminium backing ensure a long service life and permanently high energy yields. The frame is available in RAL colours, on request. Large multiple arrays can be constructed and domestic solar kits are available from merchants.

viessmann-solar-thermal-header2Vaccuum tube collector

The Vitosol 300 vacuum tube collector operates according to the heat pipe principle, making it suitable for both DHW heating and central heating back-up. Rather than the solar transfer medium flowing directly through the tube, a carrier medium, which evaporates
with solar influence, circulates through a special absorber and transfers the heat via a heat exchanger to the solar medium.
As with all Viessman solar collectors, corrosion resistant materials are used. Dry connection of the heat pipes means that installation is easy and individual tubes can be replaced without draining the entire system.

Packs Include:

  • Collector
  • Either 2 flat panels
  • Or a 20/30 vacuum tube panel
  • Manifold
  • Rails & Battens fixing kit
  • Indoor Pack
  • Roof Pack
  • Tyfocor
  • 200litre Twin Coil Cylinder
  • Controller
  • Pump
  • Heating Medium