Waste Water Heat Recovery Devices Attached to Showers


All that lovely hot water that we use to shower with goes down the plug hole and all it’s lovely heat is lost forever. Well now this can be avoided by attaching a waste water heat recovery device.

What this entails is attaching a device to the waste pipe which heats the mains water, which is usually 10 degrees centigrade, coming into the house and then this warmed water feeds the boiler with water of about 25 degrees centigrade. This means the boiler only has to heat water from 25 degrees to 45 degrees as opposed to cold water which is 10 degrees. In turn this makes your boiler work less and saves you money.

Eh? Still unsure about ‘waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers’

One way to describe the device is like this, imagine a copper pipe sleeved in another pipe, the inner pipe carries the waste water from the bath/shower the outer pipe has the mains water, as the hot inner pipe passes through the colder outer pipe it heats the outer pipes contents and hence the term ‘heat recovery’.

These devices will be covered by the Green Deal.