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Propane Boilers

The Greenstar i Juniors are our ‘entry level’ boilers. They’re suited to apartments and properties with 1 bathroom. Compact in size, the Greenstar i Junior combi boilers can be installed in a number of locations and are compatible with a choice of optional heating controls.

The Greenstar Highflow CDi combi boilers are floor-standing. These boilers have been specifically developed for larger two bathroom properties where there is a heavier requirement for heating and hot water.

worcester-propane-boilerThe Greenstar CDi gas combi boilers are our top of the range appliances.

You can control both the hot water and central heating temperatures on a Greenstar CDi combi. They also offer the widest choice of operating features within our gas boiler range, providing the ultimate in user convenience, performance and economy.

Greenstar CDi combi boilers are unique in that they condense in both heating and hot water modes, resulting in greater efficiency and fuel savings.

The higher outputs of Greenstar CDi boilers can be suitable for larger properties with more than one bathroom.