Worcester ATW


Greensource air source heat pumps are intended to be the sole source of heating and hot water production for the home.

Air to water heat pumps use the constant energy available in the air with a refrigerant circuit which allows the temperature to be boosted to a useful level for heating or hot water for the home.









worcester-air-to-water2120litre buffer tank

The Greensource 6kW air to water heat pump converts latent energy in the air – even on the coldest days – into heat for your home.

The air source heat pump system comprises an outdoor and indoor unit. The outdoor unit extracts the energy in air outside the property. This energy is absorbed by a refrigerant solution which is compressed to a higher temperature. The indoor unit then uses the heat generated by the outdoor unit to create hot water for a traditional pressurised heating and hot water system.

Installation of these heat pumps is relatively simple and they are suitable for a wide range of property types.